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If you go to trade shows and exhibitions, one thing you probably want to have up your sleeve, so to speak, is an eye-catching roller banner. If you do it right, it will attract people to your stand, build brand awareness and advertise your products or services. A good roller banner is a valuable marketing tool, so here are our tips for producing the most effective designs.

Our tips for roller banners

Like any other piece of marketing material, you roller banner needs to communicate with your audience while complementing your brand aesthetic in terms of style and colours. You also need to take account of the fact that it should work both from a distance and close up – so your logo and key message need to be large and clear.

If you want to design your own banner, Inside Creative can provide Indesign and Illustrator templates for you to download. Here are our tips for making the best banners:

  • Place your logo at the top of your banner, followed by your key message. This can be a slogan or an image of your product – something that will make an impact located at eye level.
  • Place the elements in a logical order – top to bottom, left to right, as that’s how the readers’ eyes will scan the banner.
  • Don’t put too much copy on the banner. It’s simply a tool for attracting attention and you can follow up with more information in a leaflet or brochure. Keep the whole design simple and don’t use more than two fonts.
  • Use high quality images to ensure that they look good close up as well as from a distance – they should be at least 300 dpi. Any image should stand out clearly and contribute to your overall message.
  • Use colour to build impact and brand recognition, and pick your background colour to make your logo and content really stand out. Red and orange are good for attracting attention.
  • Include your contact details for people who don’t have time to stop and talk but want to follow-up with you later. Include a phone number, email address, website and any social media details.

If this all sounds like hard work to you, drop us a line on the Inside Creative contact page and we’ll be happy to design and produce your roller banner for you.

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