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What should I print for a trade show?

Whatever sector your business is in, the chances are that you’ll attend a trade show once or twice a year. It’s your opportunity to put your brand right in the path of trade show delegates, so it’s important to make the most of it. Having a great stand is critical, but just as important is your printed collateral. You need people to remember your name and offering long after the show has packed up and finished.

Designing the perfect roller banner

If you go to trade shows and exhibitions, one thing you probably want to have up your sleeve, so to speak, is an eye-catching roller banner. If you do it right, it will attract people to your stand, build brand awareness and advertise your products or services. A good roller banner is a valuable marketing tool, so here are our tips for producing the most effective designs.

How to drive traffic to your website

In the space of a few short years, websites have become an integral part of marketing for nearly every business. In fact, it’s hard to imagine how we found customers before we had websites. This means that one of the most important aspects of marketing is being able to drive customers to your website – and in the face of ever-increasing competition, it’s something that deserves to be the focus of your marketing activity.

Wireframing: the essential guide

If you’re not going to use a pre-designed template for your website, then wireframing is one of the most important stages in the design process. It’s a way of ensuring that the layouts of all your web pages conform to the same blueprint so your whole site looks like a coherent whole.

Picking the best domain name

You might think it’s easy to pick a domain name – it should just be the name of your company, right? Possibly…but it’s not quite that straightforward. Getting your domain name just right can have a real impact on how successful your website will be. And getting it wrong could spell disaster.

To CMS or not to CMS…

That is the question! It’s time to decide whether to add a content management system (CMS) to your website, so what are the key factors you need to consider? And when you decide that you do need one, which type will be right for you? There are a multitude to choose from and all aim to help you create and manage your web content – your text, graphics, photos, video, audio and program code – to ensure your web pages look amazing.