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Cost effective promotion for start-ups

What’s the biggest challenge facing new start-ups? Reaching that critical point when there’s enough cash flowing into the business to allow it to stand on its own two feet. Before that, you’ll be ploughing cash in for very little return – so your promotional efforts at this critical early stage need to be both cheap and effective. Read on to find out just how you can push your start-up to the next level without breaking the bank…

Every school needs a website…

A school might not be a business, but it still has ‘customers’ – the parents and the kids – so it still needs a website. And more than that, it needs a multi-functional website that can act as an information hub for teachers, parents and pupils, as well as showcasing the school’s facilities to potential attendees and acting as a link between the school and the community at large. In other words, your site has to appeal to a broad audience who’ll visit it for a variety of reasons. That’s no small ask, so here are our tips for school website success.

Why your hotel website is a necessity

If you’re running a hotel, you probably think you’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about running your own website too. Especially when there’s booking.com and Expedia to give you a presence on the web. But unfortunately, although this type of thinking is common enough, it’s just wrongheaded. The simple fact is, if you’re a hotel, you absolutely need your own site. Read on to find out why…

Getting the most out of your business card

Your business card may be small, but it needs to pack a punch. It’s out there in the front line of commerce, so it needs to effectively promote your brand, your business, your vision… It might be the only piece of printed collateral a potential client has – this small card has to inform as well as encourage someone to make contact. So how do you achieve that?

Using pop-ups on your website

For something that has a reputation for being irritating, website pop-ups seem to be everywhere – bouncing into your face as you try to read an article and popping up the moment you make a move to leave a website. The reason for this is because, despite the irritation, they work – and are a valuable marketing tool for gaining leads and newsletter sign-ups. So, the big question is, how do you use them effectively without annoying your audience?

Creative calls to action for printed media

Marketing may have gone online in a big way, but most companies are still using printed marketing material to back-up their online marketing message. This can’t simply be a case of printing out whatever’s on your website in brochure form – the two formats demand different strategies, not least when it comes to the all-important call to action (CTA).